Rats in Worcester: The Action Steps You Need To Take Now

Ask any resident, and you’ll find a quick consensus that Worcester is easily one of the best cities in the state to call home. It’s little wonder why this tiny powerhouse is a five-time recipient of the All-American City Award. Despite its benefits and great housing choices, though, residents here still have some of the same concerns citizens of cities across the country do, and pest control is one of them. One huge concern for many homeowners? Rats in Worcester. While this city has no more problems than any other might, finding a way to keep them out of your home is still a must. These tips can help.

  • Keep Them Out: Rat-Control-with wiresThe single best way to prevent rats is to keep them out in the first place. Look around for problems like broken windows, holes in the siding or the foundation, damaged spots where they might squeeze through, and more. The goal is to keep them out, and it doesn’t take much to let them in. They can climb quite high to get in, and if you have holes bigger than a pencil, you may already be letting them in your house. Either fill these holes on your own, or hire a contractor to do it for you. A pest control professional can also help you spot any places that might be of concern.
  • Clean Up: Pests want those crumbs your toddler dropped all over the living room. They’d love to climb into your trash can and grab the leftovers. They’ll even head for your compost bin outside for food. Make sure you keep things clean as much as possible. Sweep and mop on a regular basis, keep a lid on your trash cans, and be sure that you’re following proper composting procedures if you’re putting food scraps in there.
  • Stay Proactive: If you’re not consistently looking for problems outside your home or keeping things clean inside your home, you could be inviting future problems. Remain vigilant to help keep pests away.

Already infested? Worried that you might have problems in the future? Call Worcester’s leading pest control company Ransford Environmental Solutions to help.


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