7 Flea Prevention Tips That Can Help Keep Them Out Of Your Home

It’s flea season, and whether you have pets or just the fleas that so often accompany them, the last thing you want is to fight with these hopping, biting little nuisances in your home. Wondering what you can do to keep them out? These seven things can help immensely.

  1. Start with the source: Flea enlarged to viewIf you have pets in your home, they’re the single best place to start your flea treatment efforts. Pets are typically the ones who bring fleas into a home, so while a home can have fleas minus the pets, it’s certain to be at risk of fleas if pets are inside or out. A good flea treatment from a vet is only way to turn if you have a flea problem.
  2. Wash pet bedding: If you do have a pet who has introduced a flea problem into your home, it’s essential to wash their bedding or whatever they may be using as bedding. If your dog sleeps on your bed, wash all of your bedding in the hottest, soapiest water possible, then use a tumble dryer to ensure you’ve killed not just the fleas, but the eggs too.
  3. Clean everything: The cleaner your home is, the less likely you are to have to fight with fleas. If you’re already infested, vacuum daily to keep the fleas out. Dispose of the bag or what’s inside it outside to make sure they don’t escape back into your home.
  4. Clear the clutter: A cluttered home makes it far easier for fleas to survive, even after you’ve treated for them, so clean up as much of the clutter as you can to keep the fleas out.
  5. Treat the yard: You can’t forget that you may have gotten fleas from your yard itself, so find a good pest control company to help you manage your outdoor pest control needs too, spraying for fleas or using other elimination tactics to ensure they’re not coming back in every time you come inside or your pet does.
  6. Use flea control throughout the year: You can’t simply use a flea control product on your pet once and forget about it. Most of them need to be applied at least monthly, but there are some with varied schedules, so find out how often you need to deal with the flea control medication to keep the fleas ta bay.
  7. Don’t be afraid to retreat: Fleas are some of the hardest possible pests there are in terms of eliminating them once they’re in, so if you happen to spot them after you’ve already had an infestation, don’t be afraid to call your pest control company and schedule another treatment.

Fleas are no laughing matter. If you’re infested, contact your local pest control company immediately for help.


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