3 Best Steps You Can Take to Invite Mice Into Your Worcester Home

Mice – they’re every Worcester homeowner’s worst nightmare. Unfortunately, there are a few steps you might be taking right now to invite them into your home. Learning more about how your actions can actually create a perfect haven for mice is the best way to keep them out.

  1. Don’t Take Care of Your Lawn: White MouseWant to make sure the mice invade your home? Just don’t bother with that lawn care anymore. Don’t mow regularly, don’t clean up yard waste, be sure plants closest to your founding grow up as high as possible, and keep as much debris in your yard as possible. All of these steps will not only make your neighbors (and possibly the city) angry, but they’ll also make the mice very happy!
  2. Don’t Repair Anything On Your House, Ever: Have a leak that damaged some wood siding? Don’t bother fixing it. Have damaged window and door screens? Leave them alone! Whether it’s a hole in your wood siding, a storm door that doesn’t have a strong enough threshold or even a small gap between the foundation of your home and a pipe coming in, it’s enough for mice to invade, set up shop, and come live with you forever.
  3. Leave Pet Food, People Food, And Standing Water Around Your Home: Mice need an easy meal. Leaving your pet’s food out, the water bowl full, or even your toddler’s dropped cereal on the floor should do the trick. Be sure you don’t sweep or mop routinely either, as that way an entire army of mice can find enough food to eat.

Obviously you don’t ACTUALLY want to take any of these steps to invite mice into your home. Instead, taking a few steps to make sure these don’t occur can mean your Worcester home remains rodent free in the years to come!


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