Pigeon Elimination Tactics

Have a pigeon problem in or around your home? You’re not alone. Pigeons are problematic throughout the US, and whether you’re sick of their droppings causing damage to your property or you’re worried about the diseases they might spread, getting rid of them fast is the best thing you can do for your home. Here are some tips:

  • Prevent Nesting: Pigeons-on-roofOne of the best things you can do to keep these pests off your property is to make sure there isn’t a nesting site available. You may want to consult a pest control professional on the best way to go about that, but generally, if you can fill voids and crevices, use spike strips and other deterrents, and block areas off with screen wires, you should be able to keep them out.
  • Don’t Feed Them: Even if you don’t have bird feeders nearby, you may unknowingly be providing these pests with the food and water they need on a daily basis. If you leave pet food out where birds can get to it, have open trash cans, or have areas of standing water, you may have a pest control problem on your hands fairly quickly.
  • Call for Backup: It’s often difficult to deal with any kind of bird infestation on your own, and pigeons are among the worst. The best thing you can do is call a pest control professional the moment you notice a problem. They have the tools, resources, and training to keep pigeons away from your home and property, something few off-the-shelf solutions in hardware stores can promise.

If you have a pigeon problem around your home, call us today. We’ll be happy to not only eliminate the problem, but also take the steps necessary to make sure it doesn’t come back to haunt you in the near future.


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