Keep Bed Bugs Out of Your Home After Summer Camp

Even if you’ve never had to deal with a bed bug infestation before, summer can be a real problem, particularly if your kids are headed out to summer camp. Sure, you’re glad to welcome them back home after a few weeks, but will you really be excited to welcome the bed bugs back home that they may have brought with them?  Follow these steps to keep the bed bugs out of your home after camp has ended.

  1. summer-camp-bed-bugsBefore you ever send your child to camp, ask camp administrators if they’ve ever had a bed bug problem in the past. If they have, be certain to ask about how it was treated.
  2. If you drop your child off in his or her cabin, dorm, or room, inspect the area for bed bugs on your own. Look at the mattress, in the cracks and crevices, and behind the headboard. If you spot any problem areas, be sure to report it immediately. If you won’t actually be in your child’s sleeping area before camp begins, teach your child how to look for bed bugs.
  3. Have your child store his or her suitcase in a plastic bag to keep bed bugs out of the luggage before camp is finished.
  4. Once your child does arrive home from camp, don’t bring anything inside immediately. Have your child leave his or her luggage outside in the garage or on the sidewalk, so you can inspect everything carefully before you bring it into your home.
  5. As you bring your child’s clothing in, dump it all directly in your washing machine, even those garments that weren’t worn. Wash on the hottest possible cycle, then make certain you machine dry all of it before you put it away.
  6. Vacuum your child’s suitcase before you bring it inside to store. Run your hose attachment over all possible crevices to get any hiding bed bugs.

In the event that you do find bed bugs in your child’s things, it’s essential that you take added precautions. Notify the camp immediately of the problem, and you may want to notify your local pest control professional to help you keep an eye out for infestations in future days.

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