Keep Birds Off Your Roof!

Most people don’t see birds as problem pests. Unfortunately, under the right circumstances, it doesn’t take long for you to change your perception. As those feathered friends start interfering with your health and welfare, it’s possible that you’re going to get very angry, very quickly. Wondering what you can do? This quick guide can help.

Which Birds Are A Problem?

Starling bird controlMost birds you see in your yard are actually protected by federal law, and not all of them are problematic anyway. The house sparrow, the feral pigeon, and the starling, however, can all be very problematic, and eliminating them from your living space is typically a must.

What Type of Damage Do They Cause?

Not sure they’re actually a problem? They can do a number of different things that may change your mind. First, the accumulation of droppings is a real problem both from a health standpoint as well as a property damage one. They can deface and actually damage the surface of your home or your property, forcing your resale value to plummet. What’s more, though, is that those droppings can spread disease and attract insects, creating multiple infestations at once. Bird nest sites can also attract mites and ticks that might create further risk to your health.

Prevention is Key

As with many pest infestations, bird proofing is the single best starting place you can find. The goal here is to make your overall environment unsuitable to nest in or roost on. That means the birds move on to find another spot. Fill voids and crevices around your home that might make perfect nesting sites. You may also want to utilize spike strips or similar material to force the birds to look for more comfortable surroundings. If you have particularly difficult spots to bird proof, you can block them off with screen or chicken wire to keep the birds out. Bird wires can also be strung to prevent bird landings on certain spots.

Bird proofing doesn’t stop there, though. You need to make certain you don’t have any food or water out for these problem pests. If you have standing water areas, dry them up immediately. You should also keep outdoor garbage tightly lidded and monitor outdoor pet food to ensure the birds aren’t getting into it on a regular basis.

Calling in the Professionals

If you already have bird problems, the single best thing you can do is call for professional help. You’ll want to be careful which birds you’re removing, as some are protected species, but you’ll also want to be careful which techniques you use, as dealing with these creatures could turn dangerous for you. Professional pest control teams have the right equipment and training to end a bird problem for good.


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