Keep Bees Out of Your Life This Summer

While there’s no question bees are beneficial for the environment overall, you probably don’t want them taking up residence in your yard, particularly if you’re allergic or if you have small children who might easily be stung. What’s more is that you certainly don’t want a hive in the side of your house or some other inconvenient spot. The solution? These tips can help.

  • Bees-In-GardenKeep your yard clean and neat. A little lawn maintenance can go a long way toward keeping bees and many other insects from invading your property. Mow your lawn regularly, and clean up any yard waste piles you might have. Remember that bees are attracted to certain kinds of plants, so you may want to carefully think about what you add to your yard and your flower beds.
  • Reinforce barriers at points of entry. There are a few different kinds of bees that may actually try to build hives or nests inside your home. The single best thing you can do to keep this from happening is to pay attention to potential points of entry in your home. These usually include the soffit and fascia area, the roof and gutter, window frames and shutters, and any exterior cracks you may find. Repair any potential problems in those areas, and check them regularly for new problems.
  • Prevention is always your best bet. You’re far less likely to encounter a problem if you contact the professionals before one occurs to find out how you can protect your home and your yard at the start of the season, not well after the problem has blossomed into a bigger issue.

Finally, remember that bees really are helpful for the world around us. If you do have to get rid of them, make certain you do so as humanely as possible. Call professionals like us for additional help.

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