Getting Rid of Bees & Wasps this Summer

Most people have a love hate relationship with bees. They can be kind of cute and they make honey, but you surely wouldn’t want one buzzing around in your bedroom. As similar to bees they may be, wasps actually aren’t appealing in anyway. Not only do wasps look much more menacing, they are often much more aggressive than bees. Be it wasps, be it bees, no one wants these in their home.

Yellow Jackets, Hornets, Wasps, Honey & Carpenter Bees Hornet-Nest
As the summer heats up, bees and wasps find areas in which they’ll breed and build a nest. Once the nest begins being built, a colony develops. We’ve all seen it – wasp nests nestled into corners of the underside of a deck, bee nests perched into where the siding of your home meets the gutter or roof. It becomes something of a nuisance when you have to walk in and out of your home always careful and fearful of upsetting a grumpy wasp and getting a sting, not to mention if your home has young children. This is a problem of infestation, and Ransford Pest Control can fix this.

Bee & Wasp Removal
Ransford Pest Control specializes in bee and wasp removal and can get rid of bee and wasp nests or colonies safely and keep your home buzz free. Don’t live with a constant nagging awareness of bees or wasps in or around your home. Go out and get some sun without worrying about getting stung, walk to your car without having to run, and let your children play in the yard without having to be concerned that they might come back inside crying, or potentially much worse if they happen to be allergic.

Call Ransford Pest Control today and let the deck party live on. 508-626-2847

Ransford Pest Control is a full service pest control and environmental solutions company with locations in Worcester and Framingham MA. Established in 1896, Ransford Pest Control is one of the oldest and most respected pest control companies in the United States. We haven’t been around this long for no reason, our response time, quality of service, customer service, and affordability all contribute to the reputation we’ve built. Call us today and see the difference Ransford can make. 508-626-2847

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