The Pavement Ant Solution

Pavement ants may be little, but they can be a massive problem. Because they travel in huge groups, often by the thousands, an infestation overnight isn’t uncommon. Learning a bit more about them and how to prevent them, especially with the onset of warmer weather, is an absolute must.

A Quick Look

Ant-Colony (1)Pavement ants are typically black or brown and black. They have six legs and are often less than an eighth of an inch in length. You may also notice antennae as you examine them. They eat almost anything they can find, but they have a craving for the sweet, fatty foods that are typically found in your kitchen. They will forage for food up to thirty feet, and they can climb virtually any surface.

Keeping Them Out

The most common question pest control experts get when dealing with pavement ants is how to keep them out. One of the best things you can do is to keep all of your food sealed. Even if you have the cleanest house in the world, the chances are good that those ants can penetrate that cereal box or the sugar bowl, so seal everything in a solid container or a Ziploc bag for best results. Additionally, you will want to go ahead and keep your kitchen as clean as you possibly can. Don’t leave dishes out on the counter overnight, and make certain you wipe down your counter and your table after eating. You’ll also want to sweep as often as you can to keep food crumbs off of your floor and distract pavement ants. Check your bathroom as well, for products like toothpaste and cough drops can prove attractive to these pests.

If you have a problem with pavement ants, the single best thing you can do is give us a call. We’ll not only help you solve the problem, but also give you the tips and tricks you need to keep them out of your home year after year.

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