3 Pigeon Control Tips You Need Now

Whether you live in Massachusetts or any other state throughout the US, the pigeon is increasingly common. As pretty as these birds may be, though, they’re quite problematic. Not only can they leave a mess that can damage almost any structure, but they also carry diseases that humans can catch. Wondering what you can do to keep them off your property? Here are 3 tips that may help.

  1. Control the Food Supply: Pigeon ControlEven if you don’t intentionally feed the birds, you may actually be feeding your pigeon populations. Pigeons often get handouts from your garbage or even your pet food. If you leave a food source out, you can bet the pigeons will find it. The cleaner your property, the less likely you are to attract problem pigeons.
  2. Keep Nests Out: Pigeons are like any other birds. They’re looking for a place to roost and nest, and they like flat surfaces more than anything else. Ensuring you use netting or other options to keep them out of these areas is an absolute must.
  3. Control the Water Supply: As important as it is that you keep food out of the equation, handling the water problem is just as important. Clean out your gutters and make sure you don’t have any other standing water on your property to keep the pigeons out.

If you’re struggling with a pigeon problem already, these prevention tips may not be enough to help. Instead, you need to contact a professional pest control organization like Ransford Pest to ensure you get the problem taken care of now. Give us a call today for an evaluation of the problem. We’ll not only take care of the problem, but we’ll also help you prevent it from occurring the in future. To learn more, contact us today.


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