Ransford is an FAC-74 Approved Vendor!

In 1998, Massachusetts Governor Paul Cellucci signed an Executive Order that required all state agencies to adopt an Integrated Pest Management approach as they were trying to deal with pest control concerns in government buildings. As a result, only approved contractors with real experience in the world of IPM can be approached to handle pest control at this level. Ransford Pest Control is proud to be on that list. An FAC-74 vendor, we’re ready to meet your needs whether you’re dealing with a school district, a housing facility, or something completely different.

Why Ransford?

Wondering why you should choose Ransford over the other FAC-74 approved vendors? That one is an easy question to answer. Here are just a few of the reasons to go with us.

  • Experience: osdlogoWe’ve been right here in Worcester since 1896. These days, we serve all of the surrounding communities too, and our record is a well-established one. Year after year, decade after decade, century after century, we’re right here to meet your pest control needs with the latest technology and more experience than any other pest control company in the industry.
  • Knowledge: We work hard to keep our entire team updated with today’s techniques and approaches to managing everything from cockroaches to raccoon infestations. No matter what the pest, we’ve already done our homework, attended training sessions, and created a plan that can help you deal with it right now.
  • Service: Having a great pest control company on your side is one thing. Having one that will answer all of your questions, deal with any concerns, and be there no matter what time of day or night is another entirely. Take a moment to browse our reviews, and you’ll find that we prize our customer service more than anything else we do!

As you search for an FAC-74 approved provider to meet your pest control needs, be sure to give us a call first. We’ll be happy to walk you through the process today!

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