Tick Season Starts Soon

As the threat of snow begins to wane, and much of the fluffy white stuff begins to melt, it’s obvious that spring is on its way. Sure, that means warmer temps and the chance to get outside a bit more, but it also means the start of tick season.

When, Exactly, is Tick Season?Tick-Control

Ticks can actually bite throughout the year, depending on the conditions, but most ticks are active between early spring and late fall. The warmer it gets, the more likely you are to have to deal with ticks.

Where Do They Live?

One of the single best ways to fight ticks is to avoid areas where they tend to live, but that’s not quite as easy as it sounds. Ticks like wooded, bushy areas. High grass and leaf litter all make great hiding places. They’re essentially hitchhikers, so they jump on to people or animals as they move by.

Tick Prevention Tips

In addition to avoiding areas where they’re common, there are a few other things you can do to help prevent a tick problem. First, if you’re headed into what could be a tick infested area, try to stay in the center of a clear trail. The woodier and bushier it gets, the more likely you are to suffer a tick bite. Second, make certain you take a shower once you come in from outside. That will give you an opportunity to check your body or your clothes for any signs of ticks.

Also, remember that the best way to prevent ticks is to use a solid repellant. A product that contains 30% DEET is typically considered to be effective. In most cases, you just need to apply it to your clothing and any exposed skin for effective protection. Finally, wear the right gear when you’re outside. Long pants, long sleeves and long socks mean the ticks aren’t going to find a meal on you.

If you’re concerned about preventing a tick infestation on your property, take a moment to contact us today. Pest control professionals since 1896, we’re here to keep your life tick-free.



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