Bat Control in Framingham

While bats often get a bad rap, they are truly amazing creatures. The only mammals capable of flight, there are nearly 1,000 bat species on the planet. Nearly 70% of their diet is insects, and within an hour, bats can eat nearly 1000 mosquitoes. That’s some serious pest control. Even with facts like that, though, you still don’t want them living in your attic. Here are a few tips that can help you keep them out.

  • small brown bat sitting on branch (isolated)Start with a careful look at the outside of your home. You’re searching for any holes or gaps that might give bats a chance to get into your home. If you see any openings that are larger than a quarter of an inch in diameter, it’s best to caulk them or close them somehow. You’ll also want to make use of screens, chimney caps, and draft-guards to keep your house tightly sealed.
  • If you’re concerned you may already have a bat problem, look at the problem spot near dusk each night. See exactly where they’re coming from, then loosely hang clear plastic sheeting over the area. That will allow the bats to crawl out of their hiding space, but not back in. Once they’re all out, you can seal the opening for good.
  • You may also want to inspect your attic for signs of bats, either live bats or simply droppings, to see if you have a problem. It’s important to remember, though, that you should never actually approach a live bat or try to capture it. They can carry rabies as well as other diseases, so you’ll need to visit a healthcare facility immediately to have the wound treated if you are bitten.

Still concerned? Already infested? Bat control in Framingham is our business, and has been now for more than a century. To learn how we can help or set up an appointment, contact us today.

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