3 Place You May Not Have Expected To See Bed Bugs

Bed bugs have been making national headlines for some time now, but despite that fact, infestation often takes people by surprise. The simple truth is that bed bugs are a complicated epidemic. They can be virtually anywhere, which means they can tag along with you any place you go and come home with you from any location. Not sure you go anywhere that might have a problem with bed bugs? Their secret hideouts might surprise you. Here are a few locations you may never have expected to find them.

  1. The Public Library: Whether you’re taking your kids to story time, heading in for a quick book search, or settling in for some quiet time, even here you might find bed bugs. The problem doesn’t usually initiate at the library. Instead, the bed bugs and their eggs can hide in the spine of a hardcover book. They crawl out whenever the book is checked out, and that may mean finding a brand new home, whether it’s a comfy library chair or your own mattress.
  2. Your Daycare: Dropping the kids off while you go to work is an absolute necessity, but you may find bed bug problems here too. Children typically bring them in with their stuff in the morning, and given that stuffed animals and blankets are prime hiding spots for bed bugs, daycare and schools are at a much higher risk for bed bug problems. Know what to look for when you bring anything home. They sometimes look like tiny ticks. Try to keep your child’s daycare stuff separate from your regular things, too, which can help prevent them from invading your bedroom.
  3. public-busPublic Transportation: Ride the bus to work? Taking a taxi from the airport to your hotel? You could be moving the bedbug infestation along, just like lots of other people. With new infestations popping up from city to city on a daily basis, the only thing you can do is be careful. Check your luggage when you return home from a trip. Store your briefcase away from your bedroom.

Bed bugs aren’t going to disappear any time soon. In fact, you may find the problem gets much worse before it gets better. If you think you might have an infestation on your hands, contact your local pest control professionals. It’s the only way to truly eliminate the problem.


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