Choosing the Right Termite Treatment To Meet Your Needs

They’re awfully quiet, but they can do far more serious damage than you think. By the time you actually discover them, it’s likely going to be too late, and your property values will be plummeting in a hurry. They’re termites, and they do billions of dollars in damages to property every single year. The key to making sure they’re not going to feast on your home? Early identification and treatment of the problem. How exactly do you deal with a termite problem, though? Here are a few different options.

DIY Treatments

There are lots of different videos and entire sites devoted to DIY termite treatments, and the reality is, they’re dangerous. Homeowners should never perform termite treatment on their own for a few reasons. First, there are a few different kinds of termites that you may have to deal with, and selecting the right pesticide for the right termite can be tough. Choose the wrong one, and your home is still going to become their dinner. Second, and more importantly, termite treatments involve very serious chemicals, and it’s tough to keep your family and pets safe when you’re using these kinds of materials. Leave it to the professionals, and everyone stays safe.

Liquid Barriers


For years the most common method of termite treatment was a liquid barrier. An exterminator created a liquid barrier within the soil around your home to keep termites out. Because the termites already in the home couldn’t return to the soil, they died off too. While there were once only repellants in this category, these days there are non-repellant products too that actually kill the termites off, and these tend to be a bit more reliable. Any of them can be effective when used correctly, though.

Bait Systems

You may have heard of big names like Sentricon in this category, and with good reason. These are the most popular new way to treat termites. An exterminator comes to your home, installs bait stations made of food the termites will love that is lethal to termites. They take it back to the nest, share it with their little buddies, and the entire colony dies.

Wondering which system might be right for you? It depends a bit on the extent of your problem and your property in general. Your best bet is to contact a termite control company such as Ransford Environmental for help in deciding on the right treatment to meet your needs.

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