Big Kitchen Problems With Little Black Ants

Even if you leave the kitchen spotless before you head into bed one night, you could still have a problem with little black ants as soon as you wake up the next morning. No one wants to deal with ants all over the kitchen, so what should your next step be? This guide can help.

Should I Just Grab a Spray?Ants-In-Kitchen

For many, the first step is to grab a spray off the shelf at the nearest hardware store. This is a terrible idea for a couple of reasons. First, those sprays are carefully formulated to deal with certain types of ants. Grab the wrong kind, and you aren’t going to do anything but spread pesticides all over your kitchen. Second, and perhaps more importantly, if you spray the ants you see, you’re only treating part of the problem. There’s far more to it than a few ants on the counter, and a spray can nearby isn’t going to treat your underlying issues.

Time to Contact the Professionals

Your best first step is to contact a professional ant exterminator such as Ransford Pest Control. With both the knowledge and the tools needed to get rid of the little black ants that are already in your home and those that want to come live with you, you’ll get real help, very quickly.

A pest control company won’t just handle the ants, though. They’ll also be happy to teach you about how to keep them from returning. Whether you need to keep the crumbs off your kitchen floor a little more regularly or you have openings to the outside that are proving attractive to your local ant population, a quick evaluation will solve many of your future ant problems too.

If you just woke up to a black ant nightmare, make your first to-do list item a call to Ransford Pest Control for a solution that will keep them out of your home right now.

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