Keeping Pests Out of Schools

Schools have a serious responsibility. They have to educate and care for your children throughout the school year. A big part of that responsibility is providing safe and healthy learning environments, a task that can hardly be tackled if there are pests involved in the equation. Wonder how your children are being protected? This quick guide can help.

Integrated Pest Management


Decades ago, the norm was to simply spray whatever chemical solution seemed most appropriate right at the pest problem. There was little care or concern for the well-being of the students, as it wasn’t thought that these chemicals might endanger their health. Today, we know better.

Integrated Pest Management was created to make use of non was created to make use of non-chemical pest control wherever possible, and many schools are beginning to adopt these practices. Some states even have laws that mandate them. The idea here is that schools sit down and evaluate their current pest management program so they can establish areas that may need improvement. From there, they create a plan that identifies routine procedures and decides upon a course of action should a bigger problem arise.

Regular meetings have to be part of this, and once a pest problem is spotted, low impact removal methods are always preferred over traditional chemical interventions. The difference is that pest problems are often spotted sooner, and thus other methods can be used to protect students while dealing with the pests. What’s more, though, is that staff cooperation is involved extensively with this plan. There are often pest sighting logs and the like to make certain problems are kept to a minimum.

Other Options

Integrated Pest Management is far from the norm in schools, though. Many schools still take a wait and see approach, simply dealing with problems as they come up. While this certainly isn’t a bad method, the key is to have the right help in place before a problem comes up. Working with an exterminator on an ongoing basis, even if he or she simply comes in once a month to evaluate potential problems, can keep students safe and infestations out of the building.

Wondering what your school is doing to keep pests out? If you’re not sure, it may be time to touch base with your administrator or even a school board member. The last thing you want to hear about when you pick your kid up is the roach infestation in the cafeteria.

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