Flea Awareness Tips

There are few things worse than crossing your floor only to see fleas jumping here, there, and even onto your skin. It’s even more frustrating if you don’t even have a pet in the house causing the flea infestation. From itchy bites to the ever present disgusting-factor, fleas can cause real problems in your home. These tips can help you understand, control, and even prevent infestation.Get-Rid-Fleas

  • If you do have pets in the home, it’s important that you treat them as well as your home. Adult fleas will want to spend most of their time on your animal, not actually on your floor or carpet. Dealing with treatment of your pet has to be part of the solution.
  • If you don’t have a pet in the home, it’s essential that you remember fleas can live for up to two years without a host animal. They will hatch, and live long enough to breed again. Given that the eggs are viable enough to hang on for some time, you can still have fleas without pets. What’s more, though, is that fleas can live on mice, rats, and other nuisance animals, so if you have other kinds of pest problems, the chances are good that you may have fleas as well.
  • Once you find that you do have fleas living in your home, the single best things you can do are clear the clutter and keep the floor clean. If you have lots of clutter around, it’s tough to keep the floor clean. Get rid of any potential clutter areas, then vacuum, sweep, or mop on at least a bi-weekly basis. It will help to keep flea populations down. If you have pets, wash their bedding in hot water on a weekly basis to eliminate flea eggs.
  • Professional flea removal solutions may become necessary. Flea infestations are incredibly difficult to eliminate in and around your home, and contacting an exterminator may help you get rid of the problem faster.

Fleas are nothing short of frustrating for both you and your pets, but careful treatment can help keep them out of your home and your life forever.

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