The Lifecycle of Residential Pest Control

Summer creates a new opportunity to control those unpleasant residential pests that disrupt our days and try to invade our homes.  While dealing with pests is unpleasant business, it’s important as a homeowner to take control of the situation before matters get worse.  Understanding the stages of pest control is important for home owners to identify and practice.  Doing so will save time, money and possibly a lot of destruction and heartache.

Stage 1:  Monitor and Identify As the homeowner, you are your own greatest weapon in the fight against invasive pests.  A great deal of money and time can be saved by simply making it a practice to regularly examine your home and your property for signs of pests.  Become familiar with the common pests in your area so that you can easily identify the difference between a harmless black ant and a destructive pavement ant, for example.  Learn the signs of bed bug infestations.  Regularly walk around the property and observe the changes.  Look around your home, especially in the attic and basement areas, the baseboards and other places.

summer pest controlStage 2:  Prevention  Understanding how to control pests from the beginning stages of infestation will save a lot of money in the long run.  Preventing standing water will go a long way toward controlling eventual mosquito infestations later.  Engaging a control management company to spray regularly or perform other regular maintenance will save your home from damage and your wallet from more costly repairs down the road.

Stage 3:  Control  In some cases, prevention isn’t possible.  Instead of ignoring the problem, calling in the experts is the best course of action so that the problem comes back under control swiftly.  Using a company that works with a range of solutions, not just chemicals, is the best way to ensure the problem is solved in the short term as well as environmentally safe in the long term.

Stage 4:  Ongoing Management Working with a pest control management agency can help you become a more effective manager of your home.  We can help you learn, for example, what problems are prevalent in your area and the signs to help identify if this is becoming a problem for you.  We can also coach you in prevention strategies for your property.  And of course if a stronger solution is needed, we can use our integrated management approach to help bring your home and property back under your control.

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