Do I Have Termites or Ants?

A Sudden Swarm of Something   
Perhaps you have strolled outside onto your deck in the morning with a cup of coffee in your hand. All seems well. And then you notice a lot of flying insects suddenly appearing from the ground or the side of your home. What are they doing? Where are they coming from? And just what are they?
termite swarm, Ransford Pest Control
Swarms like this are most likely either ants or termites. Neither one bodes well if they are very near your home. It may mean that their colony is currently burrowing around in the wood and walls of your home. This can lead to a weakening of the house’s structure and is something that needs to be looked at as soon as possible. But what is it that you have swarming outside your house? Do you have termites or ants?

A Closer Look  
The only want to be sure is to actually take a look at one of the insects. Once you know the differences between the two, it is surprisingly easy to figure out which is which.

Ants will have two sets of wings that differ in size; the front wings will be longer than the back wings. Also, they won’t perfectly fold over one another and the ends will be more pointed. The body shape will look much like a typical ant, with a narrow waist and rounded head. The antennae of an ant will look bent or elbowed.

A termite, on the other hand, will have both pairs of its wings the same size. They will overlap one another more neatly and have rounded ends. The waist of the termite will be much thicker so that there is little size variation throughout its body length. The antennae are shorter and straight.

What Does It Mean?  
If you’ve seen a swarm of either one, it means that the colony is already well established to the point that newer insects are going off to start colonies of their own. That’s what these fliers will do – hence their wings. You should contact a professional immediately and let them know what you have discovered. A technician will come out, verify your claims, and then let you know what can be done.

You shouldn’t ignore an ant or termite swarm – especially if it is near your home!  Even if it isn’t close, one of these new ants or termites may discover a great place at your home for a new colony.

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