Do Not Let Flies Hurt Your Business

First impressions are important.  The impression that your business leaves on customers and clients is formed in the first few moments as they arrive.  Make sure that impression is professional, polished and perfectly clean.  Don’t let pests like flies ruin your corporate image.
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Houseflies and other common flying insects can give the impression that your business isn’t clean and that’s not the idea you want to give your customers. You’ve put a lot of time, effort and cash flow into things like your logo, your facilities and other efforts to build your brand.  Professional pest control services should be part of that polished image, just like your letterhead or business cards.

In addition to helping you build a solid brand reputation, good pest management will also help keep your employees healthier.  Pests can carry diseases and they may also cause allergic reactions in some people.  Regular visits from a professional pest control service will help you cut down on missed work hours and increase your productivity.

Flies are one of the most common problems that plague business owners.  These relatively harmless but unpleasant flying insects can zip in each time your door opens.  Solutions in the hardware store, like fly paper and traps, are ugly and you clients will notice the dead bugs these inevitably collect.

A better solution to fly control is to consult with a reputable pest control company specializing in integrated pest control methods.  A professional pest control agent will meet with you and discuss your options.  He will help you identify the source of the fly problem, design a plan to reduce or eliminate the issue, carry out that plan and return to evaluate the success of the plan.  He can also provide support and continuing maintenance to ensure the problem doesn’t arise again.

The common housefly is tenacious pest.  It carries germs from its preferred egg laying site (dung or garbage) on its legs and feet.  It then lands on your desk, your food or your merchandise and transmits those germs.  It is also a prolific breeder.  The female can lay up to 150 eggs at a time over the course of a 5 day work week.

An integrated pest control system can help stop this pest before it becomes a problem in your place of business.  He can help you find where the flies are entering the premises, whether it’s through improperly screened windows or a door that never quite fully closes.  He can implement exclusion techniques to help keep them out.  He may also make recommendations regarding sanitation, like putting tightly fitting lids on all garbage cans containing food products.

If flies are ruining your company’s reputation, get in touch with a pest control agent and ask about integrated pest control.

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