Yikes! Bed Bugs!

Don’t Panic  
A lot of people can get very upset very quickly when they realize that there are bed bugs in one or more of their rooms. This is very understandable, as there is never anything comforting about knowing there are insects in the place you sleep. But bed bugs can and have infiltrated even some of the cleanest homes. While they wouldn’t want you to know it, even five-star hotels have had bed bug issues from time to time. 

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This isn’t because your home isn’t clean. In fact, bed bugs don’t much care if your home is clean or dirty. All they care about is whether or not there is food to be had. Bed bugs are travelers as well. Though they can only go to about the next room in your house on their own, when they find someone to carry them along, they can travel vast distances. This is often how people without any problems at all suddenly find themselves with an issue.  

Where They Come From, Where They Hide  
Bed bugs can hitch a ride on everything from luggage to clothes. So while you stay at a hotel, a few might hop on, and then when you return home, they’ll start their brand new bed bug lives in your room. You may not realize what’s going on until well after the trip simply because only one or two made the trip. Bed bugs can lay dozens of eggs. These will eventually hatch and each time, they must take a blood meal before the new bed bugs mature into the next stage.   

Bed bugs will hide anywhere they can, any place that makes them feel safe. This means under box springs, behind loose wallpaper, down in carpets, and many other places are prime targets. You might be surprised at just how many different places a bed bug can hide. They are very small, so it’s easy for them to do, making it that much harder for us to find them.  

Cleaning House  
Bed bugs can be very hard to get rid of just because of their ability to hide. What’s more, bed bug eggs will stick to surfaces, so sometimes even vacuuming won’t do the job in getting them up. There are a lot of self-help home methods for trying to take care of bed bugs, but they are very labor-intensive, and if you slip up even once, you’ll have to do it all over again.   

Make sure the job is done right the first time by people who have done the work many times over. Pest control companies that handle bed bug problems are well aware of all the places bugs can hide, and will use every possible method to ensure that they are long gone by the time you are ready to get back to bed.

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