When Tick Season Arrives

Where Do They Come From?  
Ticks, like most pests, are just naturally found in many places. That’s their habitat, and they’re not going to move out easily. The Nymphs over winter in the leaf litter feeding on small animals like mice. This is where they pickup Lyme disease not from Deer. In the fall the adults climb higher on brush and shrubs to attach to a larger host. They need this last blood meal to reproduce. The tick lifecycle is two years and they are active year round.

If you’ve never experienced tick issues before, there may be some reasons why they’ve appeared now. Have unfamiliar animals moved into the area? Most wild animals have the potential to carry ticks, such as rabbits, deer, mice or even birds. If an animal comes into your yard carrying a single female who drops off and lays eggs, now you’ve got ticks to deal with.

What Can I Do?  
Ticks can carry plenty of nasty diseases, including Lyme disease, which transfers into the host via the tick’s saliva. You can start by protecting pets first because they are closest to the ground where ticks can latch on. There are many different options available that can keep ticks off your pets and ensure that they remain healthy.

When it comes to taking care of your yard, prevention is one of the best ways to start. Ticks will overwinter in places they can easily hide, such as under leaf cover. Rake up old leaves, pine needles, and grass clippings, and clean up old logs or fallen tree limbs. Ticks will also drop from tree branches onto victims, so cut away low hanging branches so they have fewer habitats to live in.

Can I Kill Them?  
It’s quite satisfying knowing that your yard is tick-free because all the ticks have been killed. This can be difficult though, and should only be left to professionals. There are fertilizers that you can put on your lawn, but some of them contain pesticides that are not only deadly to the ticks, but also dangerous to humans and animals as well. Professional pest control companies have a much wider variety of options available to them and they will know the best way to combat your tick problem.

If you find yourself overrun by ticks this season, let someone know. There is no reason you and your pets should suffer the ugliness of tick bites. Not only will they be able to help, but they will be able to provide you with helpful tips for the future.

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