Dealing with Ticks

Ticks can keep you inside through some of the year’s most amazing weather. You shouldn’t have to worry about being inside instead of outdoors barbecuing, playing with the kids, or simply enjoying your backyard. There’s much you can do to prevent tick problems this year.

What’s the Big Deal?
You probably worry about a variety of insects throughout the entire course of the warm weather months. Wondering why you should be so concerned about ticks? The biggest concern is that they can create some fairly serious illnesses in many people. You may be familiar with Lyme disease, but there are a variety of other tickborne diseases. If you ever notices fever or chills, aches and pains, or a serious rash after a tick bite, get to the doctor immediately.

Keeping Ticks Out of Your Yard
One of the best ways to deal with ticks is to prevent them from entering your yard completely. Even if you don’t think your yard can play host to ticks, you’re better off being safe than sorry. Here are a few tips that can help.

  • Keep the Lawn Mowed – The shorter your grass is, the less likely it is that you will have a tick problem. Keeping the grass short and eliminating yard waste or leaf piles means you won’t have to deal with tick problems.
  • Gravel or Wood Chip A Path – If you have a path on your property, don’t hesitate to put down wood chips or gravel. The ticks are less likely to cross it, keeping your yard tick free.
  • Be Careful With Your Wood Pile – If your wood pile is a mess, you’re creating an invitation for ticks. Neatly stack your wood, and make certain the spot where you keep it gets sun on a regular basis.

Don’t let ticks rule your concerns this year. Prevent problems, and if you do notice an infestation, contact professional help immediately

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