What Makes a Centipede a Pest?

Do I Need to Worry About Centipedes?  
Yes and no.  Centipedes are the sort of pest that don’t invade a person’s house unless they discover a food source readily available.  Centipedes don’t eat what a lot of other insects eat – so you won’t find them in your cupboard eating cereal or crackers.  Rather, they’re going to be eating the insects that had hoped to dine on the cereal and crackers.  Centipedes eat other insects, and where those insects go, they will follow – even if it means into your home.   
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Centipedes can bite and do have some venom.  However, they aren’t actively out hunting people.  They aren’t looking to bite you and will run away the first chance they get.  The problem is that if you get too many centipedes living in your home, you may encounter them more and more to the point that a bite may occur.  Their venom is weak when it comes up against a fully grown adult, but people who have allergic reactions to the venom may require a visit to the doctor.  Still, these instances are rare. The biggest issue people have is the look of the centipede – one little creature with that many legs tends to offer nothing but creepy-crawlies to anyone.  

What Do I Do Now?  
Centipedes may look unnerving, and you may not like the idea of them moving around at night, but the big issue is not necessarily the centipedes themselves, but why the centipedes are there.  Due to the number of crickets, silverfish, or other insects lurking around the crannies of your home, centipedes have moved in.  The way to move them out is to move out their food source.  An evaluation from a professional technician can help you to understand what it is that keep the centipedes coming back.   

Once you know why they are there and what can be done about it, you can begin enacting a plan that will clear them out as well as their food source.  

Do I Need Professionals?  
A pest control company is the best choice when it comes to figuring out what is going on with the pests in your house.  Technicians can figure out why they are there, how they are getting in, where they are hiding, and much more.  They can tell you what steps you can take to prevent further infestations, as well as take care of the problems you have at the moment.  If centipedes are making you uncomfortable, then it’s time to do something about it.

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