When There is a Mouse in the House

If you see a mouse in your home, there are a few explanations for its appearance

The first is that the mouse somehow got in by accident and really doesn’t mean to be there.  It may become interested in sticking around because homes are generally warmer and can be safer than the outdoors, but the mouse’s nest isn’t current located there.  mouse in house  Ransford Pest Control

The second is that you have seen a mouse that may or may not have gotten in by accident but is now living in your home because of the reasons mentioned above.  You will see proof of the mouse’s extended stay if you also discover fecal matter, foodstuffs that have been chewed on, and clothing or blankets that have been chewed upon.   

The third is that this is one mouse of many.  That means the mice that originally moved in have bred and now there are more – all of which are currently living in your home.  This is the worst case scenario because multiple mice can do a lot of damage, as well as mean more carriers of parasites and possible diseases.  

The issue with finding out how extensive your mouse problem may be is that you won’t know where to look. Mice are very small and very good at hiding away from predators and potential threats.  They’re going to be hidden in nooks and crannies in your home where you either won’t think to look or simply won’t be able to see.  Mice also don’t move about in open areas during the day – it’s too risky for them.  Rather, they are going to keep to corners and against walls and move around when it’s dark.  If you have seen one mouse, you can try to catch it and see what happens after that, but should you take that risk?

Whether you see one mouse or believe you have more sneaking around your kitchen pantry or basement, the best choice is to contact a rodent pest control company.  They can do a thorough evaluation of your home, looking not only for the mice, but also for the entryways that the mice have discovered and showing you so you can keep mice out in the future.  Then they can rid your home of the mice and you can rest easy knowing that every mouse is gone and will not be coming back.

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