Bed Bugs Can Come Home with You From Vacation

How Do They Travel?  
Bed bugs can crawl from place to place, but given their size, it will take them a very long time to get from point A to point B. At most this may get them from one room to another.  But how on earth do bed bugs get from one home to another?  Or from a hotel in Germany to your home in Worcester?  

The answer is that bed bugs are hitchhikers.  A location doesn’t need to be dirty or otherwise what people typically expect when it comes to a bed bug problem.  Even five-star hotels have reported a bed bug issue now and then.  This is because a few bed bugs might tag along on someone’s clothing or their luggage and end up in the hotel.  Then the next person to stay in that room before the bed bugs are noticed may have a few hitch a ride out of the hotel and to their next destination.   bed bugs in hotels  Ransford Pest

Can I Find Out Where They Came From?  
Chances are you won’t find out where the bugs came from, unless you were in a single hotel and nothing else.  It may be that you were on an airplane and a few bed bugs that fell off at one point lingered in the seat and decided to hang onto your clothing until you got home.  Hotels and others places do what they can to keep bed bugs out of their rooms, but because bed bugs can be elusive, this isn’t always 100% possible.  You could always contact the hotel you stayed in and let them know of the issue.  

Rather than focusing on where they came from, your new task should be focusing on how to get rid of them.  The best results come from professionals who know how to deal with bed bugs in all types of cases.  They have the technology and the means to kill both bed bugs and their eggs so you don’t have any resurging issues on hand after they are gone.  

Don’t Fear Vacations  
This doesn’t mean you should be worried every time you go on vacation.  Quality hotels have regular pest inspections and do everything they can to make sure their rooms are pest-free.  If you do discover bed bugs have come home with you, don’t panic.  Simply contact a bed bug pest control service and get them taken care of as quickly as possible.  With environmentally safe products and years of experience, they should be able to get bed bugs out of your home and leave you comfortable once again.

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