Barricade Your Home Against Termites

Termites can do a lot of damage to any home when you don’t know that they are there.  A lot of people think that because termites need wood that they will live within the structure of the house and won’t ever be seen.  However, this is not entirely true.  Termites can be seen any time they venture out of their nest, but more often you may see them when they swarm.   

Swarming termites emerge during the spring and sometimes early fall.  Winged termites will appear and fly off in order to establish colonies of their own.  The problem is that people will often confuse swarming termites with winged ants.   termite pest control worcester  Ransford Pest

Other ways you can find out if your home is infested is if you discover mud tubing on various areas of your home, such as around the foundation area, support piers, floor joists, and so forth.  They aren’t very wide, but they may be numerous.  Termites use these tubes to move from one location to the other without being out in the open.  You may also see some baseboard damage depending upon where the termites are chewing on wood.  
Even with all of these things, it is still entirely possible that you may not realize that you have a termite infestation.  You may mistake a termite swarm for ants, and you may not have a place in your home where termites need to do any tubing.  This is why it is important to get a termite checkup done regularly.  Or if you contact Ransford Environmental Solutions you can get a complete termite protection service done.  

Complete termite protection is often done as a liquid treatment.  The goal is to get the treatment where it is needed most and where termites are most likely going to try and get into your home.  We take treatments very seriously.  A termite colony may be as small as a few hundred individuals, or it may be as large as thousands of termites.  This is also why do-it-yourself treatment is not the best option.  You may be able to eradicate half of the population, but that still leaves behind hundreds more termites that can still do extensive damage to your home.  

When we put down complete termite protection, we use liquid treatments because they are effective and less invasive to homeowners, as well as less expensive overall.  We create a kind of trench around your home in order to get the treatment deep into the soil to stop termites.  Our treatment is designed to last from 10 to 15 years.  We give close consideration to each of our products in order to ensure that they are safe for use around people and pets, and if at any time you have concerns you can simply let us know and adjustments can be made.  We know you want your home to be both safe and termite free, and that is something that we always strive to achieve.

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