Rodent Control


mouse_control_ransford_pest_controlA family of 6 mice can grow to 50-60 mice in 90 days. Mice will burrow into homes, porches, decks, attics and crawl spaces. They can access your home through an opening the size of a dime. They find their way into kitchens, pantries and food storage areas. Mice are excellent climbers. They are omnivores and will eat almost anything. They can cause a lot of damage to insulation, wiring and wood.

House Mouse: Usually dark gray with light gray stomach. 5 ½ inches – 7 ½ inches in length

181306699Deer Mouse: Usually 7 inches in length with varying shades of brown with white sides. These have been identified as carriers of Lyme Disease and Hanta Virus

We are experts in non-toxic pest management.


rat_control_framingham_massRats can be a problem even in newer buldings with excellent sanitation. Rats will eat practically anything humans eat. They will eat from gardens, trees even ornamental shrubs and flowers. Rats can contaminate whatever they come in contact with. They can gnaw plastic, cinder block, wood and upholstery.

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The Ransford Difference

Ransford Cares about your safety and the safety of your children, and pets.

Looks like some of our competitors can’t read. Or maybe they just don’t care!

Unlike some of our competitors, Ransford has made a commitment to use only high end, locked bait boxes that are tamper resistant. By using these heavy plastic boxes that require a key to open them, we have virtually eliminated the risk of accidental poisoning. Since the implementation of our upgrade program, we have replaced several thousand boxes. Cheap plastic boxes can open easily and expose the bait. This poses a serious risk of poisoning for children and dogs. All rodent jobs are done only with locked, tamper resistant bait boxes. While this is more expensive Maria and Eric feel it is the right way to do business because it protects our customers and their families.

Non Locking Bait Stations


Locking Bell RTU Bait Station


Locking Bell Evo Express Exterior Weighted Station