Take your Yard Back from Mosquitos

Central and Eastern Massachusetts are home to 51 Mosquito species. The good news is not every species actively feeds on Humans or our pets! Unfortunately that is about all the good news there is for Mosquitoes. Depending on the season, weather conditions, flooding or proximity to wetlands different mosquito species can be present at different times. Some species only feed at night while some feed during the daytime. With all the news stories on Zika, West Nile ,and Triple E it is understandable people are nervous. While it still needs to be proven that that our species of mosquitoes can transmit Zika, it has been proven that West Nile and Triple E are transmittable in MA. Don’t forget your pets and have them checked for Heartworm which is a very serious mosquito born disease. Something you can do to reduce the amount of mosquitoes on your property is to eliminate standing water (clogged rain gutters, old tires, bird baths, etc). Remember that other blood sucker the Tick can transmit Lyme disease that affects both Humans and our pets.


Give Ransford a call and ask about our MOSQUITO AND TICK REDUCTION PROGRAM! This program uses a natural pesticide along with a Insect growth regulator to knock down both Mosquitoes and Ticks! We will also inspect your property for Mosquito breeding areas. No long term commitment*, easy pay on a credit card, and low cost dual pest reduction.

*minimum 2 treatment required approx. 30 days apart. For best results first service should be performed 2-3 days before any large gathering or party.