Tick Removal

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Mosquito season may be drawing to a close, but that doesn’t mean it’s time to stop putting on bug repellent when you go for a hike or do outdoor work. Ticks in the fall are still very much active. Mosquitoes may be more common and annoying, but ticks are far more dangerous. They feed directly […] Read More

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This article was recently published on The Telegram.com. We felt is was very important and informative. Ticks are a serious health threat. Most people are aware that ticks can carry and pass Lyme Disease, but there are other serious threats they can harbor.  Ransford offers tick reduction services. For information on this service please contact […] Read More

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Ticks show up as the weather warms up. This year, though, experts have suggested that tick control is going to be far more serious than usual, and that means you should know more than ever how to prevent ticks from causing serious harm to your family. This Year is Different Wondering why this year is […] Read More

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It has been predicted to be a bad year in terms of ticks. It may even be one of the worst we’ve seen for encountering ticks and tick-borne diseases. That makes tick control in Worcester crucial in 2017. Why Are There More Ticks? The uptick (pun intended) is due to a notable increase in the number […] Read More

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One thing people can agree on is their general dislike for ticks and deer ticks. These tiny creepy crawly bugs hitch a ride on you, your pets or on other animals looking for a free meal. They are known to carry multiple different diseases and there is a very good chance that Massachusetts is going […] Read More