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This time of years brings great weather and bugs. The two go hand in hand, and for the most part, we cope with them as part of life.  If you've got termites, it's not like getting a bug bite during a walk in the park. Termites can destroy a house from the bottom up, damaging […] Read More

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Many homeowners worry about termites, and with good reason. They cause quite a bit of damage in homes across the United States every year. What's more, though, is that they're often a silent problem. They go mostly unnoticed until the damage is already done. Unfortunately, they don't just damage your home, either. Termites can damage […] Read More

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There are few infestations that can make a homeowner's heart sink as quickly as termites. They're in the rare company of bedbugs and black widows, although for very different reasons. When the temperature warms in Spring, termites start leaving their nests and flying out into the world. If they find your home, they can chew […] Read More

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You have a swarm of insects on your property or in your home. They have wings and a lot of legs. Before you run away, you need to get a good look at that pest. You need to know if you have carpenter ants or termites. It’s an important distinction. Both carpenter ants and termites […] Read More

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When it comes to termites, you can’t be too careful. Your home is your largest investment and it is meant to last a lifetime. Termites can cut that lifetime tragically short and they’ll do it with little to no visible evidence and even less of a warning. Termite evaluations, inspections and preventative treatments are critical […] Read More