broad-faced sac spider ransford pest control worcester

Here’s a spider with a name: the broad-faced sac spider. That gets a lot of description into a few words, and for good reason. The broad-faced sac spider is an outdoor spider that likes to come in for the warmth and hospitality during winter months. Learn more about this spider and how to keep them […] Read More

house spiders worcester ransford pest control

How do you get spiders in the house? House spiders find their way in through gaps that make tiny entryways for them. Any types of house spiders can hunker closer to the ground and effectively make themselves smaller to fit through unseen gaps and cracks in the home. They’ll usually enter in search of prey. […] Read More

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How do you keep spiders out during the winter? Spiders are just a fact of life, aren’t they? Well, just like any other animal, when the option of a nice warm house is available, they’ll head inside to survive. That makes winter a prime season for indoor spider problems. Why Winter? You’d think fewer insects […] Read More

Spiders Love Homes During Winter

During the spring and summer months, it is common to see spiders making their webs outside in the plants. So, what do spiders do during the winter months? Chances are you don’t see them spinning their webs in the bare trees and bushes outside your home. Wondering why? Many spiders love homes during winter. They […] Read More

You think you’re cold as the temps begin to plunge. Imagine being a spider! With such a tiny body, these little creatures need a wonderfully warm place to spend the winter, and for most, that means moving in to hang out with you. Looking to keep spiders out? These tips can help. Keep The Outside of […] Read More