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How do you keep spiders out during the winter? Spiders are just a fact of life, aren't they? Well, just like any other animal, when the option of a nice warm house is available, they'll head inside to survive. That makes winter a prime season for indoor spider problems. Why Winter? You'd think fewer insects […] Read More

Spiders Love Homes During Winter

During the spring and summer months, it is common to see spiders making their webs outside in the plants. So, what do spiders do during the winter months? Chances are you don’t see them spinning their webs in the bare trees and bushes outside your home. Wondering why? Many spiders love homes during winter. They […] Read More

You think you’re cold as the temps begin to plunge. Imagine being a spider! With such a tiny body, these little creatures need a wonderfully warm place to spend the winter, and for most, that means moving in to hang out with you. Looking to keep spiders out? These tips can help. Keep The Outside of […] Read More

Spiders are incredible creatures with a special and important role in the ecosystem. The seemingly infinite variety in their species is amazing. Spiders come in sizes from huge to tiny, from brilliantly multicolored to solid black. They trap and eat more annoying and dangerous bugs like flies and mosquitos. Very few US spiders are venomous […] Read More

Spider Season

Spiders figure heavily in fall décor. Halloween spiders and webs will soon be seen bedecking doors and littering lawns. It’s all in good fun, unless the spiders are real. House spiders usually start getting a little more visible in the late summer and early fall. Many people think this is due to cooling outdoor air […] Read More