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Strange pellets in the corner of an unused room. Odd smells. Maybe even very soft scuffling in the middle of the night. All of these things point to a rodent in your home. It's a problem in Massachusetts, and there are a lot of causes. Massachusetts maintains a lot of nice wooded areas and we […] Read More

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Massachusetts winters are cold. While this really isn’t news, what could be, though, is that mice and other rodents do not like winter. When the weather is cold, they seek warm shelter. The problem is, often that search for shelter means they find their way into your home. Unfortunately, for many, the easiest hideout in […] Read More

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The mouse is one of the most bothersome pests that trouble homeowners since they can do a lot of damage before you even know that they are in your house.  Sometimes the first clue of a mouse infestation, and that you have a mouse in house and are in need of mouse control, is when you […] Read More

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le5j2gjyey […] Read More

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Nobody wants to believe they have mice in their home. They can be a real pain, especially as winter approaches and they start looking for someplace warm to nest. The best way to get rid of mice is to know what to look for in your home. Have you found suspicious holes in the bottom […] Read More

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If only all mice could be as sweet and cuddly as those beloved characters on TV. Unfortunately, this is not the case, and if you see one mouse or even small mouse droppings there are most likely many mice living with you and sharing your food. A Fast Spiral House mice have very short gestational […] Read More

Winter House Mouse Control

“Eeeek! A mouse!!!,” is not something that is fun to hear in your house. But, unfortunately, during the winter months it is heard in many, many houses across the nation. Winter house mouse control is vital. Mice are especially attracted to homes during the colder, winter months. It is a survival tactic. They, just like […] Read More

When you think of attic invaders during the winter, the creatures that might pop up in your mind would likely be bats or squirrels. Mice might not come to mind first, but, unfortunately, they can certainly decide to call your attic home this winter. They are often looking for a warm place to hibernate, and […] Read More

Mice Moving into Winter Homes

It’s just about the time that mice will start looking for a little new real estate. The weather is just starting to cool down and food is just starting to become a bit scarce. Mice aren’t desperate yet but they might be ranging a little farther from their summer burrows and hiding places. Your garage, […] Read More

Most of us are familiar with the skin-crawling feeling that accompanies seeing a mouse scurry from the corner of our eyes. While these rodents are small, they can bring even smaller and potentially harmful things with them, such as ticks, so it’s important to pay attention to their presence and fix the problem. Why Are […] Read More