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Do you know how many species of flies there are in the world? About 120,000 different species exist. Do you know what the most annoying species of fly is? Whichever is closest to you. Getting rid of cluster flies can be a particularly problematic species. These are the dark, large flies that move a bit […] Read More

how to get rid of flies Ransford Pest Control

Flies - they're some of the filthiest creatures on the planet. Unfortunately, they're also among the most prolific. Everywhere a fly lands, it leaves dangerous germs behind, and that can completely contaminate your space. The problem is that if they're landing in your business, they could be hurting your bottom line. The last thing most […] Read More

Do you feel like you are swatting at flies all year round? Are you wondering why they never seem to go away? Have you ever considered that they might be different types of flies? You could have a cluster fly infestation on your hands. Cluster flies make their appearance in the fall months. They tend […] Read More

Tiny Nuisances: Fruit Flies

Anyone who has left a tomato or melon on the counter a little too long has experienced the extreme annoyance that fruit flies quickly become. These very small, yet very irritating, insects seem to arrive simultaneously with any kind of fresh produce and yet far outlive the fruit or vegetable. The battle against these miniscule […] Read More

Drain Flies Be Gone Now!

Suddenly noticing swarms of tiny flies cropping up near your bathroom or kitchen sink drain? You’re not alone. These tiny little pests are aptly named drain flies, and they create more problems than you can imagine. What Are They? Drain flies actually have several names. They come from the family Psychodidae, but you may also […] Read More