Bees & Wasps

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If you’re thinking about bee removal Worcester, you have a right to be. Because bees are not active just throughout the summer, they’re busy into the fall as well. This is especially true as climate change makes fall warmer and helps bees remain active longer and longer every year. Yellow jackets, in particular, have ruined […] Read More

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For many there is no greater deterrent to outdoor fun than the idea of a sting by a flying menace. For most, that means dealing with bees and wasps, and while it may not seem like there's a difference between these two problem insects, they actually have very little in common. The Stinging Truth in […] Read More

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Bees are a vital part of nature since they are the pollinators that actually help put food on our tables, but we still don’t want them where they shouldn’t be. So when they are in an area that is either harmful to human beings or damaging to property, you have a bee control problem. How do […] Read More

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The Carpenter Bee sounds pretty innocent. The truth is they'll rarely aim to sting a human or animal, unless thoroughly provoked. Yet they do pose a danger, and the clue is in their name. Hard-working carpenters, these bees will build their nests in unfinished wood. Turning themselves into a veritable whittling knife, the bees will […] Read More

When a stinging insect comes flying at you, you’re probably not going to question whether you have an incoming bee or wasp. Your first instinct may be to swat. Your second might even be to run. Understanding what you’re dealing with, though, can be essential to preventing those nasty stings this time of year. The […] Read More