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You may wonder what ants do in the winter…until you find them in your home. Ah, so that’s how they stay warm and fed! Finding carpenter ants indoors during the winter means they are nesting in your home. They could be in the sub-floor, or in the walls. The bottom line, it’s a necessity to […] Read More

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Pavement ants are so named because you’ll often see their nests made in between cracks on the pavement. When you see ants on sidewalks, there’s a good chance that what you’re seeing is black pavement ants. They build their nests into these cracks, taking advantage of the natural hollows that ice and rain have created and […] Read More

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If you are a homeowner you most likely know of the issues termites can cause, but how much do you know about the damage that carpenter ants can do?  The main difference between these two pests is that termites actually eat the wood while carpenter ants only chew tunnels in the wood. They do this […] Read More

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A carpenter ant infestation can get out of control quickly. Carpenter ants cut galleries into wood and they’ll leave wood debris where they’ve been, but they won’t actually eat the wood like termites will. This can still make them quite destructive if left alone. Understanding their habits and carpenter ant prevention is the key to […] Read More

getting rid of pavement ants ransford pest worcester

Pavement ants are well named. They’re typically found where other ants aren’t found – in cracks in the pavement, or between bricks and stones. They exploit these cracks, making their colonies in places that are difficult to access. This can make ordinary ant removal difficult. Pavement ants are highly aggressive when it comes to other ants. They will […] Read More