Rental Lift

The decorations went up. Getting them there was a struggle, wasn’t it? High places and nervous climbers don’t usually mix, but sometimes seems necessary. Even so, the decorations will be great for everyone who passes by to enjoy until it is time to take them down. Likely, those who climbed up to the high places […] Read More

It’s almost time for your annual holiday struggle. You’ll have to spend time untangling the lights, checking to make sure they work and then dragging out your personal nemesis — the big ladder. That wobbly, unsteady, dangerous demon that lives 99% of the year in the darkest recesses of your garage or storage shed. You’ll […] Read More

Decorate Your Home with a Lift!

Seasonal decorations are becoming more and more popular. Pinterest and similar sites are packed with decorating tips and ideas to give your house a new look with each passing season. With the holidays upon us, now is a prime season for outdoor decorating. So give your décor a lift by renting a lift. This holiday […] Read More

Your gutters don’t look that far off the ground when you look at them. They seem to be a normal height, perfectly reasonable and average. However, once you’re scaling a ladder to clean them they seem to be 10 times higher! You know your gutters need to be cleaned out each year. You dread the […] Read More

Love your trees? Love the shade they create in your yard? Love they look they give your home? If you want gorgeous trees in your yard, a little care and maintenance can go a long way toward keeping them beautiful, and often that means some routine trimming. Why Trim? There are actually a number of […] Read More