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Don’t Get Skunked Again

skunked animal removal Worcester Ransford Pest

Are there worse odors than the smell of a skunk that has recently sprayed next to your home? How about a skunk setting up residence under your deck, porch, or in an out building? Skunks are well known to call these types of settings home. When the family pet tries to run them off, the […] Read More

squirrel exclusion ransford pest control worcester

If you've ever encountered the American Red Squirrel, you know he's not quite the same as his gray cousins. Their diets are specialized to the seeds of pine cones and they call North America their home, while expanding their reach to hardwood forests. Red Squirrels also exhibit territorial behavior and may find your home a […] Read More

opossum vs possum ransford pest control framingham

Opossums are a complicated nuisance animal. They are dangerous and should not be allowed around the home, and yet they do provide certain services when left to their own devices in wilder areas. Opossum vs Possum Which is correct, and does it matter? The correct term for the North American animal is opossum and it […] Read More

wildlife control worcester ransford pest control

Wildlife will soon start to hunker down for winter. If this year's Farmer's Almanac prediction is an accurate indicator (and it's been in the right ballpark the last few years), this winter will have particularly cold and snowy stretches. That means a lot of wildlife looking for warmth and that means a lot of wildlife […] Read More

vole control Worcester Ransford Pest

Voles or Moles? Missing a bulb or two? Finding gnawed bark almost everywhere? Prize flowers being nibbled to nothing? Spotting strange pathways in your yard? You could be dealing with a vole infestation. Sadly, you could also be dealing with a mole infestation. What's the difference between these two yard wrecking creatures? Take a look. […] Read More