about carpenter bees ransford pest worcester ma

Carpenter bees will dig out wood to create a nest, but they aren’t like termites or carpenter ants. Carpenter bees are much more exact. This means they won’t demolish a home like a hungry army of termites can. Instead, carpenter bees tend to focus on areas and damage or ruin it by creating galleries. This […] Read More

restaurant flies ransford pest worcester

A friend recently went to one of his favorite restaurants. In the interest of maintaining privacy, we won’t name it here. He had loved this restaurant for a decade, swore by it, and even debated with his friends that it was the best in town. Then one summer he showed up to find the place […] Read More

black pavement ants ransford pest control worcester

Pavement ants are so named because you’ll often see their nests made in between cracks on the pavement. When you see ants on sidewalks, there’s a good chance that what you’re seeing is black pavement ants. They build their nests into these cracks, taking advantage of the natural hollows that ice and rain have created and […] Read More

Sentricon Always Active Ransford Pest Control worcester

When we protect a home with termite control programs, we use Sentricon Always Active. It’s important for someone facing a termite infestation to know what exactly this is and does. Sentricon is a home termite program that uses bait, not spray or treatments.  Sentricon targets the colony from the top down, eliminating the queen and […] Read More

black cluster flies ransford pest control worcester

Have you seen large black flies in your home? They’re a little larger than houseflies and they don’t seem to move as fast. These are the kind that like to mill around on your screens and windows. What are they? These large black flies are black cluster flies. What Are Cluster Flies? Cluster flies will […] Read More

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