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Eric Richmond

black cluster flies ransford pest control worcester

Have you seen large black flies in your home? They're a little larger than houseflies and they don't seem to move as fast. These are the kind that like to mill around on your screens and windows. What are they? These large black flies are black cluster flies. What Are Cluster Flies? Cluster flies will […] Read More

mosquito prevention ransford pest control

Every year it's something new with mosquitoes. First, it was West Nile Virus. A few years ago, we became increasingly aware of Triple E. Now, we're waiting to see whether breeds of mosquitoes in New England can carry Zika Virus or not. Mosquito prevention and mosquito control are more important now than ever. We've been […] Read More

powder post beetles removal ransford pest control

Wood destroying insects are a pain for any homeowner. You can take good care of your home and do everything right. Yet if you're unlucky enough to get an infestation of wood destroying insects, suddenly you're in a race against the clock to rid your home of the infestation. Homeowners don't think of powder post […] Read More

tick control prevention ransford pest worcester

This article was recently published on The We felt is was very important and informative. Ticks are a serious health threat. Most people are aware that ticks can carry and pass Lyme Disease, but there are other serious threats they can harbor.  Ransford offers tick reduction services. For information on this service please contact […] Read More

get rid of carpenter ants ransford pest control

If you are a homeowner you most likely know of the issues termites can cause, but how much do you know about the damage that carpenter ants can do?  The main difference between these two pests is that termites actually eat the wood while carpenter ants only chew tunnels in the wood. They do this […] Read More