Finding an Expert in Bat Control for Your Home and Why It’s Important

When you think of pest control, you don’t usually think of bats. Yet if you have bats in your home, there’s nothing you need more.  Bats in Massachusetts aren’t the most common problem, but they are a problem that crops up regularly, and we do have expertise in helping you address your bat issues. There are a few key points to know about successful bat control: bat control ransford pest control

  • One. We don’t kill the bats. At Ransford, we bring them out alive.  We follow the law, by encouraging the bats to leave your house in a humane manner.
  • Two. A part of successful bat control is sealing the access points the bats used to get into your home in the first place. This is important to avoid potential future problems, such as the same bats coming back to one of their favorite roosts. We’ll inspect the entire home, including the bat’s favorite place – the attic – and we’ll seal up entry points.
  • Three. Bat control isn’t just about getting the creatures to leave your house. There’s cleanup and decontamination work involved, too. Bats poop – a lot of it. You don’t just need bat exclusion; you also need thorough decontamination of the area the bats were in. This is a step that you cannot skip. If you do you can create far worse problems than just having bats in the first place.

You shouldn’t attempt the first and third steps yourself. Obviously, sealing the home is something you can do, but an expert’s eye will help to catch details you may overlook.   Also, leave the decontamination to an expert. It requires proper gear and protection that decrease the risk of the person cleaning becoming exposed to disease and infection.  Bats in Massachusetts should be handled by a bat removal expert from Ransford Pest.

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